How to install ssl certificate in cpanel

This article is for installing an SSL certificate.


A TLS/SSL certificate is a cryptographic protocol providing authentication and end-point encryption between devices operating over a network; the internet. 

Secure socket layer (SSL) was first developed in 1995 by Netscape and has since been through multiple iterations.  Each building on knowledge of know security vulnerabilities vastly improving its resilience to attack.
Having an SSL certificate shows visitors to your website that it is secure and verifiable. It is especially important for business owners as it provides an environment in which customers feel safer and thus, more willing to shop there. There are 3 main types of SSL Certificate :Domain Validated
DV certificates provide a basic level of authentication (A DV cert can be identified by a padlock in the address bar).Organisation Validated
OV certificates are similar to DV but are tailored towards organisations. The identity of the organisation having to be verified before the certificate is issued. Depending on the issuer DV certificates usually offer a higher level of warranty in the event of anything going wrong on the CA's (Certificate Authority) end. Extended Validation
EV certificates are different and can be discerned through visiting a larger organisation, specifically ones involved in finance. They require more authentication to obtain and are the most expensive of the 3. One of the biggest benefits of EV used to be a green tag in the address bar, since SSL is becoming more of a necessity than a choice. Major browsers have started to discontinue this (Chrome, Firefox) .

Installation Steps

Install your SSL cert by following the steps below:

1) Log into cPanel area. 
2) Click SSL/TLS under the Security section
3) Click on Certificates 'Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.'
4) If your provider has issued you with the just text that makes up the cert, paste it in the box provided and press 'Save Certificate'
or If your provider has issued you with a .crt file, click Browse under 'Choose a certificate file' and then click Upload Certificate

Your cert should now be installed. Should you require further assistance, please contact support


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